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Online Marketing Solutions

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Online Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites have grown to one of the biggest sources from which a lot of your customers will learn about your business and read about other people’s opinions and eventually decide about that business.

Engaging Content, Professionalism & Results

With millions of people having access to your business, it is not a source of customers which you can ignore. We will make sure your Social Media is truly representing your business. Let our experts show to millions of customers online how good your business is and how much you care about your customers.
Online Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Each business is unique and there are subtle differences which need to be projected during the process of Search Engine Optimization. We analyze the business first and run a report on competitors and other factors.

How is it done?

We will also analyze the keywords and/or phrases which can potentially attract customers and generate revenue. This optimization process includes several procedures such as optimizing tags of photos and creating effective internal and external linking. More visitors associated with website means higher traffic and more customers.
Online Marketing Solutions

Paid Advertizing

Get More For Your Money. Fotex clients get 60% more leads from online advertising, with 25% lower costs per click. And with us doing the heavy lifting in paid search, you can focus on running your business.

Get Your Time Back

Have Peace of Mind. Whatever your needs, our team of AdWords-certified experts can help you reach your goals. We’re trusted experts, dedicated to getting you sales and leads.

Online Marketing Solutions

Lead Generation

We use social media to help you learn about your customers. Acquire new customers, engage existing customers and build brand advocates.

Engage With Your Customers

We help you understand who your customers are as individuals and how to engage them using polls, sweepstakes, referrals programs, and more.
Online Marketing Solutions

Analytical Reports

We help you Identify which channels and campaigns deliver the most revenue and highest ROI so you can put your resources where they will have the most impact.

Focus Investment Where It Has The Most Impact

Tie Revenue To The Campaigns That Create It. Show how your marketing campaigns influence sales at every stage of the customer journey.
Online Marketing Solutions

Online Market Research

We will research the online market to set the best strategy to help with your website online presence.

Consumer Research

Make market research an essential part of your firm’s strategy in order to produce the right products and services at the right price and market them to the best prospects.

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Among other online marketing solutions, we will help you leverage the power of social media for greater brand exposure, more traffic, and more revenue-generating conversions.

  • LinkedIn is one of the best sources for professionals to expose their business and services.
  • Pinterest helps you market to a very specific group of people hardly accessible through other social media channels.
  • YouTube marketing is an exciting strategy to take advantage of the web’s massive shift toward video.
  • Instagram Show your products to potential customers all over the globe and boost sales & traffic.
  • Analytical Reports Track your campaigns success using different analytical tools. We use these information for optimizations.

Live Stats Anywhere

Website Visitor Measurement

Do you know how long your visitors stay on your website? We give you the exact plan on how to increase your website visits which will lead to more sales and contact opportunities. What pages of your website are performing better? Our reports tell you where your website visitors enter and exit your site. What is making your customers buy or stops them from purchasing? As part of our online marketing solutions Fotex will remove the obstacles and make necessary changes to produce better results and increase sales.

Other Services

Our online marketing solutions have helped numerous businesses and managed their growth plan along the way.

Online Marketing Solutions
Online Marketing Solutions
Online Marketing Solutions
Online Marketing Solutions
Online Marketing Solutions
Online Marketing Solutions

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

What is your company looking for? More work, more clients, more exposure and more business. Fotex offers top notch online marketing solutions for every aspect of your company’s operations. We provide expert website design and development, social media management, custom software development, customized data backup services, search engine optimization and improved online visibility.

Skills We Use

Strategizing 95%
Creative Customization 89%
Technology 97%
Analytics 90%
Online Marketing Solutions

A Technology Company

Online Marketing Solutions

Local San Diego Web Designer

Fotex is a San Diego website design firm specializing in the design and development of WordPress and custom websites.

Online Marketing Solutions

Top-Notch Websites with Soul

Our websites are designed with the following primary objectives in mind: Look Beautiful, Client Generating, Easily Found (on Google) and have a Soul!

Online Marketing Solutions

Online Marketing Plans

When you sign up for one of our online marketing plans we design your website for Free. Our websites are customized to reflect your business and built with SEO in mind.

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