Does site speed really matter for SEO ranking? Well, luckily for you, this article will help you figure out if web site speed really matters for SEO ranking.

In short, yes, site speed is a factor Google takes into consideration while determining website ranking.

Fast sites are easily discoverable by Google crawlers. Studies show that fast sites have higher conversion rates, and websites with slow load speeds have higher bounce rates.

Overall, faster load speeds improve the general experience of website visitors. Imagine how frustrating it would be to wait for a website to load for ten, fifteen, or twenty seconds!

You can check your website load speed using a free tool from Google. The tool is called Page Speed Insights. It will give you a lot of information on your current website load speed and easy-to-read numerical values for every load speed criteria Google examines.

This is where the problem lies sometimes. While working on optimizing website speed, marketers often focus on the numbers alone. They remove dynamic content and items that, while slowing the site down, make it more appealing to visitors.

Website speed is relative. It depends on multiple factors: the performance of the website itself, the performance of the server, the performance of the particular webpage you are checking, your Internet service provider, the type of Internet connection you are using, the device you are using, your browser, how many tabs you have open, etc.

To optimize your website speed, we suggest starting with getting the fastest web hosting stack possible. Optimize your images and your website structure, but don’t sacrifice valuable pieces of content, such as videos.

Create massive amounts of exciting original content focusing on the topics that your website visitors search for. Collaborate with internet resources related to your field to acquire backlinks.

In conclusion, page load speed is important, but it is not the SEO killer people think it is. Relevance and authority are the most critical factors in organic traffic.