“New Year, New Me” that’s what everyone says at the beginning of every new year. Well, if you are a web designer, you might be saying “New Year, New Web Design Trends” in 2020.

As a web designer, it’s important to keep up with new trends continuously. Here are some new trending web design themes you’ll definitely want to consider this year!


When we think minimalism this year, we can usually expect to see white space. Adding white has become more common because it gives it a beautiful, classic yet minimalistic style.

Dark Mode 

By now, every single user has changed all of their apps to the “dark mode” feature (if it provides one). Because web designers know users want this feature for every single one of their apps, websites are now creating designs with a dark aesthetic as well. What is also great about dark mode designs is that bright accent elements and easy to read typography complement this theme very well, quickly catching the viewer’s eye and attention.

Breaking Typography Rules 

We saw this in 2019, and we will continue to see it in 2020. From odd spacing, sizing, and even line breaks, web designers are creating typography in ways that you could not imagine, and most consider it an art statement. Of course, typography like this is still made with the intent of having users understand the message, just in a more creative and eye-appealing way.

Overlapped Layers 

If you want to add a sense of depth and dimension, then overlapping layers upon layers is a great way to help you do that. The best part is that it works with almost any type of design scheme! A good way to do this is by overlapping images, boxes, backgrounds, elements, icons, and text.

Combining Photos and Graphics 

If you want to create a memorable visual, then combining photos and graphics would be a good thing for you to try! Putting graphics on top of photographs adds creativity to your work. It’s a way of customizing your image by adding more personality to your web design and can help your audience feel more connected to your brand or message.

Some of these trends might be familiar to you, but others might be new to you. Don’t be scared to try one or all of these trends. Remember keeping up with trends is important, just don’t forget to keep your users in mind. What will catch their attention?

These are only five of several other trends that are essential for web design in 2020. Fotex Labs has the tools you need to help you keep up with trends like these. Make sure you are on the right track to success this year and give us a call at 858-228-7697.