Are you looking for new ways to market your business for the upcoming new year? At Fotex Labs, we know how important it is to advertise your company to others and create brand awareness. Our expert team came up with 5 fabulous marketing ideas to ring in the new year that will effectively expand your business and brand name in 2022.

1. Cater to Impulse Purchases

Any business owner knows the importance of catering to impulse purchases. Impulse purchases, especially during the holiday season and New Year, are at an all-time high. This is because people are gift shopping for friends, family, and themselves both online and in stores. When browsing through different online pages and different aisles in stores, this is the primary time that people will trail off and begin to impulse buy things that they don’t necessarily need but that they want. Take advantage of the impulse purchase and ensure that you place your top consumer products and services directly where your customers can see them.

2. Launch New Products

The upcoming new year is the perfect time to launch new products or services your business might be offering. The New Year is the ideal time to release new products that you may have been working on since people are ready for a fresh start and clean slate in their life, including the products that they buy.

3. Boost Sales With a New Year’s Marketing Promotion

You can heavily boost your sales for your business when you offer a new year’s marketing promotion to your customers. You can come up with any sale or promotion like discounting products or services for customers and even creating discounted bundled products for the new year.

4. Incorporate Traditional Marketing

Incorporating traditional forms of marketing and digital marketing helps your business reach multiple audiences and platforms. Using conventional forms of marketing such as brochures, posters, or direct mail can target specific audiences and reach a customer base that may not use digital media.

5. Start a Customer Loyalty or Referral Program

Starting a customer loyalty or referral program right before the new year is the perfect marketing tool to implement into your business this year. An effective loyalty or referral program will create repeat customers. Your loyal and regular customer base is also more likely to refer your company to others with programs like these.

How Fotex Labs Can Help You!

Our Fotex Labs team can assist you with marketing your business to expand your brand and create a larger customer base. Keep these 5 fabulous marketing ideas to ring in the new year in mind for marketing your products or services this upcoming year. Use our digital marketing services so that your business can generate leads, increase revenue, raise brand awareness, and so much more. Call now at 858-228-7697 or go online to!