Have you wanted to find the best SEO services for your business and digital platforms for the upcoming holiday season? Before the holiday season starts, you’ll want to refresh your online content, category, and product pages to maximize your search visibility for your customers. We use cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to increase sales and bring you the exposure your company needs, especially during the busy holiday season. Here are some holiday shopping SEO: last-minute tips and techniques for e-commerce sites before the holidays start.

Take Advantage of Free Product Listings

Sites like Google have recently opened up their Shopping search results to unpaid, natural listings, essentially allowing smaller companies to advertise for free. Getting your products on to different site results like this can provide your company with immediate and free exposure to a substantial digital audience that explicitly uses google to find holiday gifts. To find out more about getting your business placed in the top search results, reach out to our expert digital marketing team at Fotex Labs.

Add Structured Data to Signal Relevance and Inform Shoppers

At Fotex Labs, we work closely with you to develop structured data and categorize the best keywords to analyze traffic, potential competition, and current web tendencies. Selecting the appropriate keywords for your campaign is an essential step, and we help you choose the right keywords that drive the highest search volume of traffic and have the highest click-through rate (CTR). We make sure all the content on the pages matches the keywords being targeted without exceeding a 4% keyword density.

Create Category and Product Pages Specifically for Holiday Shoppers

Our team is aware of Google’s guidelines regarding link building, and we help you get backlinks effectively by adding the most relevant keyword-rich content that users will link to organically. Unique, freshly created content is the best thing you can offer to bring your website ranking up, especially during the holidays. Create specific category and product pages for holiday shoppers and easily direct your customers to those exact pages. Getting your site into the social universe is a vital component of Google and other websites’ algorithms.

Things That Can Hurt Your Visibility and Sales During the Holiday Season

When reworking your digital platforms before the holidays start, it is essential to check for things that could potentially hurt your company’s visibility and sales. It is vital to check for errors that could affect conversions, save site migrations for a later date, and ensure that your links and products are easily accessible to your customers. Get your digital platforms ready for the holidays with Fotex Labs!

How Fotex Labs Can Help Your Business This Holiday Season!

Is your website SEO ready for the holiday season? Google algorithms change constantly, and your website should evolve as well. As a part of the SEO process, we add or modify the Meta tag data and the title tags on each page of your website to correspond directly to the keywords you are targeting. When you use our SEO or other digital marketing services for your business, you can generate leads, increase revenue, raise brand awareness, and more. Call now at 858-228-7697 or go online to https://fotexlabs.com/!