Have you heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Do you know the importance of SEO tools and gaining visibility online? In this blog, our Fotex Labs team sheds light on how important SEO truly is while digital marketing for your business. Make your digital footprint known when you use SEO tools for your brand.

User Intent

The main goal is to attract the visitors who come across your website while doing an internet search to click on the link to your website and find your information interesting and valuable. One of the most important aspects of improving your SEO is to understand the intent of your users. Informational, transactional, and navigational are different ways to show user intent and represent what they’re looking for. If you want to learn more about our SEO tools, reach out to one of our Fotex Labs experts!


A critical step of SEO is to brainstorm the exact keywords your customer will use to search for your product. Selecting the appropriate keywords for your campaign is vital and helps to grow your brand. At Fotex Labs, we work closely with our clients to categorize the best keywords for their company and analyze traffic potential, competition, and current web tendencies. Our staff makes sure to pick out the right keywords that drive the highest search volume of traffic and have the highest click-through rate (CTR).


Link building shouldn’t be a hassle for your company. At Fotex Labs, we know Google’s guidelines regarding link building. We can help you get backlinks effectively by adding the most relevant keyword-rich content to which users will link organically. Unique, freshly created content is the best thing you can do to bring your website ranking up. Getting your site into the social universe is a vital component of Google’s algorithm.

Tracking Your Traffic

Keeping track of your web traffic is important for any business. At Fotex Labs, we use cutting-edge SEO techniques to bring you exposure and increase sales. We track your traffic on your social media platforms and website to see what users interact with and which platforms gain the most traffic, providing monthly reports for our clients.

Avoiding Bad Backlinks

Links are great to have. However, if you’re linked to poor, spam sites, it can do more harm than good. Our Fotex Labs team can efficiently get our clients backlinks by adding the most popular and applicable keywords your audience will automatically link.

Crafting Content for Users (With SEO in Mind)

Coming up with content that goes with your brand and your selected SEO keywords is essential when running a business. Our Fotex Labs team curates the best social media posts for your company’s platforms that allow your audience to interact with posts and browse your products or services easily. If you need crafted user content, reach out to our professional staff to assist you with your brand’s content posts.

How Fotex Labs Can Help Your Business!

With the proper SEO tools, not only will your business attract more leads, but your customers will acknowledge your brands’ value. People will want to reach out to you personally when you use our SEO services instead of your company searching for them. The higher your business ranks in search engines, the more traffic and potential clients you will attract. You can generate leads, increase revenue, raise brand awareness, and more. Learn how important SEO truly is while digital marketing for your business! Call now at 858-228-7697 or go online to fotexlabs.com!