Right now, video marketing is huge. The social media video platform, TikTok, has 800 million users worldwide, and YouTube is the second largest search engine. Video has become one of the most consumed forms of content in 2021. If your business isn’t spending time on this form of marketing, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity!

So what’s the big deal with video marketing? To help explain the benefits of this marketing strategy, we’ve created a list of 5 reasons why you should consider doing video marketing in 2021. Since sales tend to be the most critical factor for small businesses, we’ll start there!

  1. Videos Increase Conversions

The idea that video helps increase sales is no longer a theory; it’s a well-researched fact. Check out some of these statistics:

  • Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 80%
  • Mentioning the word “video” in your email subject line can increase open rates by 19%
  • 90% of customers state that videos help them make a purchasing decision
  • Adding a video to emails can increased click-through rates up to 65% (most email click-through rates are around 2-3%)
  • 74% of users who watch a product explainer video, subsequently bought it
  • 77% of consumers were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video

Videos are an incredible way to drive traffic to your website and social media platforms. As we’ll talk about later on, it’s a tremendous tool to help create trust with your customers.

  1. It’s Easy to Consume

When you think about it, those conversion numbers make sense. Vision is our dominant sense, and most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. For many years, the standard content on websites was text. After a while, people begin to tune it out; they’ve seen and read it all. Plus, walls of text will dissuade people from reading it in its entirety. Instead, they’ll skim through it and miss key points.

Compared to text, video is much more engaging. It’s easy to watch, and there are unlimited ways you can use video to capture attention. People can easily watch a video while on their lunch break, on the train, or in line at the grocery store.

  1. Video Improves Search Engine Results

One way Google detects whether or not your web page should be shown for certain search queries is the average time someone spends on your website. Adding an engaging video on the landing page will help increase the amount of time the user spends on your website. If a visitor lands on a website that’s a giant wall of text, they’re much more likely to exit the site without further investigation.

You’re actually 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google with a well-optimized video! It makes sense, since Google owns YouTube, embedding YouTube videos on your website can help your rankings.

Small business owner filming her video marketing

  1. Build Trust With Your Customers

Videos are a great way to build trust between your customer and your brand. Take customer testimonials, for example. A written testimonial doesn’t build much trust because they’re relatively easy to fake. All the business has to do is write a glowing recommendation and make up a name for the “customer.” Video testimonials, on the other hand, are much more difficult to fake. It’s similar to a face-to-face interaction, where you can read the emotion on people’s faces and by their body language. If the person in the video is not sincere about their testimonial, it will be noticeable. It also allows the customer to go more in-depth about their experience with the company.

  1. Videos Improve Social Media Engagement

The popularity of video is rising on all social media platforms and can greatly increase your social media engagement. Video content is also much more likely to be shared and go viral. Remember to appeal to people’s emotions. 76% of users said they would share a branded video with their friend if it’s entertaining. Social shares are important because word-of-mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising, and it gives your brand social proof. Think about those videos by Tasty that used to show up on your Facebook feed ten times a day!

Video Marketing at Fotex Labs

While video marketing is not an easy task, its ROI pays off big time! The great thing is that you can easily repurpose them. You can use a single video on all social media platforms, websites, and email. If you’re a video marketing skeptic, we hope our blog about 5 reasons why you should consider doing video marketing in 2021 helped change your mind!

If you want to learn more about video marketing or need some help, we can help! Fotex Labs is a full-service web development & digital marketing agency that can help turn your video idea into an effective marketing tool. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (858) 228-7697 or contact us on our website.