What should your business be doing when things start to gradually go back to normal?

As you know because of Covid-19 a lot of things have changed. Meanwhile, some things remain the same, while others will have to gradually adjust. Here are some marketing tips to help your business recover that you should start implementing now or you should put in place once things go back to normal.

  1. Actively Stay Online
    Before Covid-19 there are some brands that probably never took a second glance at social media. And now, everyone is on social media. Everyone’s active, everyone’s posting, everyone’s engaging. Because of that high activity, even after Covid-19, customers are going to expect this from you. After all, one of the key traits for a successful social media profile is consistency, so you have to keep active on social media.

  2. Evaluate Your Leads
    The customers that you’ve gotten during Covid-19 are slightly different than the customers that you were attracting before Covid-19. Not to say that you have to treat them completely differently, but you have to realize that the traffic, the traction and the customers you have been getting are not the same. So you’re going to have to put in extra care to make sure you keep giving them the consistent customer service they had during Covid-19.

    After Covid-19, do something special for those customers who were loyal to you and stayed with you and helped to support your business, because you want them to know that you appreciate them for sticking with you or joining you during that time. Don’t take them for granted, after all, without customers, where would your company be?

  3. Grouping and Organizing Your Analytics
    The analytics that you normally report, watch and analyze is completely different from the analytics that we’ve been getting during Covid-19, because most people were at home and because most people were online.

    A lot of companies saw some “Black Friday” traffic coming their way. More people were shopping online, more people were engaging, and more people were visiting different brands than they would normally do.

    So your analytics is going to be different and after Covid-19 you should have a different group of analytics. If you were getting a lot of sales before Covid-19 don’t be surprised if you see a shift in that. You could either see a decrease or continual increase, so prepare to treat that data differently.

  1. Be Prepared for a New Form of Customer Behavior
    Customers are shopping in a different way. People may be worried about savings. They may want to buy from certain brands because they’re cost-effective or because they were driven with a cause. People are more frugal now and they’re way more invested in brands that are transparent.

    Now customers want to be associated with a brand that is giving back or socially responsible. Remember that most people are trying to save, some people have lost their jobs, some people are trying to get a job and some people are just trying make sure that they are still in business during Covid-19.

    People are not going to want to spend as much, they’re going to look for more deals and they’re going to be looking for brands that they want to be a part of. So if before you were just marketing yourself based on the fact that you provide luxury or quality goods, that may not be your best selling point after Covid-19.

  2. Take Things Slow
    If you were spending a lot before Covid-19 and you decided to be on a budget during Covid-19, after Covid-19 you want to take your time to increase. It’s still an unpredictable economy and it’s still unpredictable how you should market after Covid-19.

    Be prepared for the fact that you’ll probably have to take it slow. Financially, you might have the resources to jump straight back into your usual routine, the usual products and services that you buy or the number of employees you’ve had before, but be mindful, because you never know what might happen.

  3. Create and Improve Your Crisis Policy
    If you didn’t have a crisis policy before for online or offline procedures, Covid-19 has definitely forced a lot of brands to create one, and you should learn from that lesson. Improve on it, so that the next time another crisis happens, you’re more prepared than ever.

    Covid-19 definitely forced a lot of brands to reevaluate their business model and how they’re serving their customers. It showed them that a lot of the things they thought had to be done really could be substituted with something even better and more affordable.

    Just because there isn’t a crisis forcing you to innovate, it doesn’t give you the reason not to innovate. Always keep your eyes open for the best tools, techniques, and methods to serve your customers better.

As the crisis begins to slow down, remember that the most important thing is that you must serve your customers. Customers expect you to care and they expect you to translate that into your marketing.

We hope these marketing tips to help your business recover after Covid-19 helped! If you need more help with Covid-19 marketing or marketing strategies overall, feel free to contact Fotex Labs at 858-228-7697 or email us at [email protected]