Websites can be so much more

Many small business owners ignore the fact that a website can be so much more than a contact information form. Several businesses are paying for a one-page website that shows their information but leads their potential customers nowhere. Think about how you can use this powerful tool to your advantage and use it strategically to attract new visitors. For your visitors to be engaged, you will have to provide useful information about your small business and what your small business can offer. Many who visit your page will want to know precisely what you do before they chose you. Learning about your business and what you do will create curiosity, and they will want to read and know more about your services. People buy from businesses they know, and trust. A small business website content is a perfect opportunity for you to display your trustworthiness.

Details should be precise

An essential section of your website should include a clear description of your specialties and what it is that your business focuses on. Make sure these details are precise. You will want your customer to know that your company specializes in product B, not product Z, or maybe your business provides both products; be clear about that. Don’t be afraid of showing off a little, show potential customers all training and certifications that have led your business to be where it is are today. This will create trust in your services or products among your future clients. Make sure to categorize all the information making it easy for the audience to read and understand. You want to make sure to include all of your small business-related information that can be used by your future clients. Small business website content will be powerful and with no doubt will lead to success.

Client reviews are powerful

Include testimonials from your past clients. Make sure the testimonials are pulled directly from the review websites, such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Ask your customers to give you video testimonials. There is nothing more powerful than listening to a client that passionately describes how you have done a five-star job for them.

Your website can consist of the following:

*About us or/and Owner bio

*Landing pages for products or services

*Accreditations and awards

*Client testimonials

*Other services offered

*A blog that will be updated frequently

Be sure to include this content on your website and at the same time create a visual appeal targeted to your audience and you will be more likely to be visited by the type of client your business is looking for. Fotex Labs is here to help and can provide the content and visuals you need to succeed. Contact us at 858-228-7697.