While some old items can be charming, an old business website can give a poor first impression of your company. Fair or not, people assume that your business is like your website. Not really fair, but a reasonable assumption. Update Your Website and Start Getting More Leads.

Here at Fotex Labs, we know how outdated websites can hurt your business, especially because of how it causes it to appear in search engines which limits your leads.

So here is what could be done to update your site and make it search and user friendly.

Flash: Flash was an excellent way to have animations or illustrations on your site a many years ago. Now, however, it will not work on newer devices or browsers, so it looks like a big blank spot.

Static: Make sure your site is responsive and looks great no matter which device people use to access it.

Dates: See that little copyright down on the bottom of your site. Does it say last year? Change it immediately. If you have testimonials from 2017, you might want to update those.

Tiny Pictures: As websites have progressed there is more reliance on larger images. If your site is text heavy, with small images, it tends to look more dated. You need to use larger, better pictures. Extra points for using real pictures of your business or what you do, instead of stock images.

Limited pages: Many times on dated websites you click on something and only a part of the page changes. You are still on the same page just a bit of text has changed and maybe there is a new picture. You need to build each page around an individual idea, product or offering. This is not only a design flaw, but it also hurts how your site ranks and pulls in visitors. Modern industrial websites have every click go to a new page because every additional page means more pages that the search engines can crawl. Added pages equal more pages that you have the opportunity to rank, and more places people can find you.

Blog: Speaking of helping your site generate leads you need to have a platform to speak to your customer and present yourself as a knowledgeable leader. Not only does it let you share your ideas with prospects it also gives you a better opportunity to be found via search. A blog also gives you something to talk about on social media.

Landing pages: You need more landing pages or pages where you are offering valuable content to your visitors. Not just contact us pages, but pages that will rank in the search engine and generate leads.

To fix an old website or create a new one call Fotex Labs  (858) 228-7697.