The main goal is to attract the visitors who come across your website while doing an Internet search, click on the link to your website and find your information interesting and useful. Another goal is not to attract random visitors who will click on your site and leave right away.

How can you accomplish that?

The most important thing is to pick the appropriate keywords. Put yourself in the position of your visitors. What would you type in the search engine when searching for your website?

Internet traffic is mostly guided based on the search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If your site doesn’t show up in these engines after you type in the keywords that are relevant to your website topic, your website loses a great amount of potential visitors.

No matter whether your website provides information, products or services, the most visitors are going to use browsers to find you. If your website is well-optimized, over 80% of the visitors come from the search engines.

Do you wish to stay unseen while your competition earn and increase their Internet presence?

It is often the case that somebody who visits your site once probably won’t remember its address, but will remember the key words he used to find you.

It is very simple to check it for yourself. Go to www.google.com and check your most important key words.

If you can’t find your website on the first page (or at least on the second) then the answer is YES, YOU DO NEED A SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION.



In this first phase of the website optimization we need get familiar with information, products and services that your website offers and to figure out the target audience for it. Under the target audience we consider two things:

1) Your visitors’ demographics. For example, teenagers, men, women, elderly people, etc.

2) Location of your audience.


SEO analysis begins with evaluating the quality of your key words. There are tools that help us see how often people searched for those the key words in the last year and how often people searched for those the key words in the past month. Very important: what is the ranking of your competitors’ key words. We check how hard it is to get into the first 10 positions in the search engines using the chosen key words.


As a result of SEO analysis, we define a concrete goal and time frame needed to achieve that goal. We also give you a concrete projection of the cost.

Are there any guarantees for our services in website optimization?

Unlike paid advertisement, search engine optimization work takes time. It might take more than 3 months to see the results. One thing is certain – the results do not disappear when you stop paying for ads.


It is not our goal just to put you into the top 10 for one key word, but also to make you stay in that position. It is achieved by continuously checking your competition’s SEO efforts, checking the popularity of a certain key words, checking your visitors’ statistics, most often used key words, most visited pages, etc.

If you choose to not pay much attention to maintaining your SEO, there is a big chance to simply fall down from the top, and it could take months to get back. Leave it to the professionals at Fotex Labs.

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