How customer reviews can lead to a successful business

Customer reviews have always been important, but now with the digital side of marketing creating a bigger impact on the public, customer reviews are paramount to businesses. There is a vast selection of social media platforms to market your business in this day in age, making it easier to captivate a multitude of audiences.

Platforms like Yelp and Google My Business are at the top of the review food chain. Not only can audiences view the hours, pictures, directions and all other information about a business, but most importantly they can read the reviews. People in this modern society are used to accessing quick results. The days of the yellow books are near extinct and quick glancing at how many stars a restaurant, hotel or any other type a business has is now the norm.


How to use reviews to your business advantage

It’s a no brainer that when anyone stumbles upon a bad review that it may scare some people away. How can you benefit from customer reviews good or bad you might wonder? First, you have to acknowledge that customers are people just like you. Step into their shoes, and imagine yourself in their position. If you felt like you received a great experience, I’m sure you’d want to write about it and if you had a bad one, then you definitely would feel compelled to express what led to that action. But none the less, a review is high valued positive or negative. They build customer relationships and help keep customers informed about what you have to offer.

A customer review can be used as content for your next social media posts. And not only that, reviews can be converted in testimonial videos on your website. Showing a video of a real client talking about their experience with you builds credibility and trust. They also have the potential of increasing referrals and can be shared easily on social media. Taking quotes from the videos and adding them as content is a great way to highlight their best experience.

Written reviews will also serve a great purpose in content creating. Using images and photos around the review will definitely grab the attention of your viewers. You could also share a review or repost it on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Another way to make a better connection with your customers through reviews is to answer any questions they might have. It also doesn’t leave out attending to bad reviews. If people see that you are willing to publicly respond to their problems on a platform, it sends a message to costumers that you can be trusted and that you honestly care about your customer needs. Everyone should be able to see the positives and negatives to things.

Also don’t forget to thank your customers about sharing their feedback with you. Feedback is a good way to know what your company’s strengths are as well as help you understand the things that you need to improve. Saying thanks sends a message of appreciation, resulting in customer loyalty.