During this digital age, humanizing your business is more important than ever. It’s a vital element for branding and increasing customer loyalty. Thank you emails are one of the most efficient ways to make your client’s experience with your company feel more personal. On top of that, it shows your gratitude, telling your customers you care. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over how thank you emails help increase customer loyalty!

Why Are Thank You Emails So Important?

An in-store customer experience is completely different from that of an online store experience. People are thanked by the staff and are given a sense of appreciation. However, for online businesses, customers miss out on that aspect, making them feel distant from the company. Even if you’re not an online business, sending your customer a thank you email after they visit your business or use your service is a brilliant decision. In fact, studies have shown that 71% of consumers feel some level of frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal. Sending an appreciation email will make your customers feel like they’re dealing with a human on the other end, not a bot.

How Do You Show Gratitude in an Email?

While we all may know how to say thank you in real life, saying it virtually can be a little tricky. The key is to add a human touch to the email. This will help make the email more alive and feel more personal. Implement the following tips to create the best thank you email:

  • Include specific details about your customer for personalization, like their name.
  • Express appreciation and gratitude
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat “thank you”
  • Include positive words in the subject line
  • Utilize heartwarming greetings
  • Make the email joyful
  • Write using conversational language
  • Include a team picture if you can

When Should Thank You Emails be Sent?

There’s no limit to how many thank you emails you can send to your customers. In fact, it’s important to do so throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Occasions where you should send your customers a thank you email include:

  • When a person subscribes to an email newsletter
  • After a person makes a purchase/order
  • When your customer reaches a certain milestone
  • On special occasions (such as Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)
  • When a customer provides feedback
  • When a customer participated in an event

Types of Thank You Emails to Increase Customer Loyalty

Thank you emails should be well organized and have a creative subject line. Below we’ll go over the top thank you email types that help increase customer loyalty:

  1. Thank You for Your Payment Email – Sending a confirmation email is a vital aspect of any business. It makes your customer feel reassured about their online transaction.
  2. Thank You for Your Purchase Email – Delivering emails that thank customers for their purchase is important as they make them feel comfortable with their purchase. This email also gives you the opportunity to communicate additional information, such as the order number and your refund policy.
  3. Thank You for Subscribing – For companies that offer software services, a thanks for subscribing is really important. You can also use the email as an opportunity to provide your subscriber with more info, such as FAQs.
  4. Thank You for Your Order Email – Sending a thank you for your order email should be simple, concise, and catchy. This type of email should include order details, invoice, expected delivery dates, and your return policies.

Expressing gratitude to your customers by saying thank you in an email might seem like a small act, but it’ll make a world of difference with customer loyalty. It gives your company a human touch, which is especially important in this age where everything is automated. We hope this blog helped you see how thank you emails help increase customer loyalty. To learn more or get in contact, call (858) 228-7697 or click here.